Dilemma? Which Bridal service to choose?

As usual, sometimes clients will ask which bridal service would we recommend. Of course we could give some lip service to the ones that we have worked with before, but we can’t help them choose. Ultimately, they have got to decide with which are they more comfortable with. It could be their
– service
– style/fashion
– perks/freebies
– quality of work
– make-up artist
– hairstylist
– dresses in the wardrobe
– or even the personality of the person who is selling to them.

Being a bride-to-be, i totally understand the confusions and dilemmas. Being in the trade, it makes it harder because i’ve seen what went behind the scenes (it’s not all bad!).

So what i would really suggest to brides-to-be (grooms hardly have this issues), choose the bridal that you really really feel you can trust.

From the time they start pitching and selling, you know they are genuine.
Ask all the questions that is haunting you. If they entertain you, it may possibly means they care for every individual, a customer or not.
Bridal is also another form of arty-farty business; sometimes asking less means you gonna get more. Give them the inspiration. Show to them that you enjoy working with them. The early gratitude they receive will benefit you on the actual day.
Let them work their magic… but you can always share your preference.

Seriously, what you pay is what you get. Also make sure what was promised will be delivered.

Before you sign on the contract, read the terms and condition.
– Usually deposit are non-refundable because it has been invested on the preparation for your event.
– Ensure all deliverable have been shown physically or in pictures.
– What are their commitments to you and what are the following steps/processes that lead up to your big day

This is going to be tough, but all you need is a bridal who would bend over backwards for you (reasonably) just so that your event will be a smooth one.

Being an observer, my information above is probably incomplete. If you have an experience to share with regards to the Bridal companies you have worked with, do post it by commenting to this thread.


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